Volleyball Tournament Vlog! {Tutti Fruitti, Volleyball, Shopping, Road Trip}

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<a href="http://tng.pw//93791/">Volleyball Tournament Vlog! {Tutti Fruitti, Volleyball, Shopping, Road Trip}</a>
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Volleyball Montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkCwL...

Hey Guys!! This is gonna be a volleyball video since I noticed most of my viewers love volleyball videos and lots of you guys requested to see me playing. If so click the link that says 'volleyball montage' up there. I'm #1, pink shoes, black kneepads, white socks. To recap what I did... The tournament was 2 hours away so I carpooled with my friend. In the morning I went to her house, we drove there, played volleyball, then I went to sleepover at my friends house who lived there because I didn't want to drive 2 hours back. It was national frozen yogurt day so we went to tutti fruitti to 'fill your cup for $5' . After that we went shopping for food, drove to her house, ate dinner, watched a movie, then went to bed. The next day we went back to the tournament and played 2 more games, then me and Sydney headed home. Im in 14u BTW.
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