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Autodesk Maya 2017 some features maybe release this year

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<a href="http://tng.pw//53780/">Autodesk Maya 2017 some features maybe release this year</a>
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This is a compilation of the new features of many videos of Autodesk Channel of Vision Series session maybe release 2017
Music By Chicane
38 Weeks (feat. Lisa Gerrard)
{Extended Album Mix}

2015 Modena Records Under Exclusive License to
Armada Music B.V.

Extension 1 de Maya 2016 se liberara y estaran listos despues de Septiembre 9 del 2015 ,

Extension 1 for the Maya 2016 software release, expected to be available on or after September 9, 2015.

Autodesk videos links:

Modeling Vision Series


Maya 2016 Extension 1: Improve Vector Graphics


Making Maya Easier To Use


Maya 2016 Modeling Improvements



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