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Tango walking: Back-crossing the free leg of the follower {steps & technique}

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Tango Dancer,

Want to add sophistication to your dancing?

Wondering how you can shake things up in your tango walk?

Looking for a cool decoration to play with the free leg of the follower?

In this video, we help you take your walking to the next level and express the subtletlies of tango music with a move that will make you stand out of the dance floor...

Because seriously, how often do you see the backcrossing of a follower's leg on milongas?!?

Click on the video to learn:
-How to add a back-cross in your tango walk
-2 technique tips for followers, easily transferrable to all free leg movements like voleos, etc...
-2 key tips for men to lead subtle movements with a comfortable embrace

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