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Learn Karate Online Gyaku zuki Reverse Punch

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Gyaku-zuki or revers punch is one of the first moves that a karateka will learn, early on in their karate practice.

This punch is very strong, an advanced karateka combining great technique, kime (focus), timing, body weight and body rotation, can deliver a devastating blow with this karate technique!

There are several ways to practice reverse punch, the basic principles remain the same, the differences come when applying the punch.

When practicing karate kihon, karateka will more often than not, take up a long zenkutsu-dachi (front stance), when practicing kumite (sparring), the stance will be higher and shorter in length.

With a basic reverse punch from front stance, both arms are utilised. So as the punching arm begins it's forward motion, the hikite (pulling arm) begins it's pull back. In self defense, this is not a good idea, so for sparring and self defense, regarding the arms, just the punching arm is used.



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