Walking Bass Lines Piano Tutorial | 5 Minute Masterclass

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In this 5 Minute Masterclass, we’re going create a bass line over a blues in F. Walking bass lines are a fascinating part of jazz, as they support and mark the harmony underneath the chords and melody.

As this is a lesson about the baseline, we will be using only basic rootless voicings in our right hand for the following chords in the F Blues:

- F13
- Bb13
- Bdim
- Am7b5
- D7alt
- Gm9
- C13

If you are not familiar with these voicings, check out the "Rootless Voicings" lessons on PianoGroove.com for detailed tutorials on how to learn and master these useful jazz piano voicings.

Practice Tips:

- Listen to the great bass players and compose your own bass lines over songs you’re working on.

- Bass players who’s baselines you must check out are Oscar Pettiford, Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, Ron Carter and Jimmy Garrison, just to name few.

- You can use the specific bassline demonstrated for playing solo piano, learning different blues heads, and for practising improvised solos.


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