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5 Tips on how to SOUND better on Bass Guitar

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Free tip: Tune your guitar every time you play it!

1. Clean Sound
Make sure you mute your strings properly with the thumb and perhaps with other fingers

2. Control the length of your notes
Long notes, short notes, staccato, muted notes - it’s all in the fingers, be creative and change a bass-line just by using different lengths!

3. Change your strings
Don’t play on rusty strings! Change your strings every 6 months in average if you gig regularly. Don’t change your strings a day before the gig, try to aim for a week before.

4. Play (super, super super) in time
Don’t underestimate any groove, even the simplest. You think 4/4 is too easy for you? You got it wrong! It’s never too easy. Turn all you attention to where the beat is and to be as accurate as possible. That could make the simplest bass lines shine through.

5. Learn different techniques, and use them sparsely (or when required). This includes muting, playing with a pick, Slapping, tapping, hammering on, pulls offs etc. It adds some spice to you playing, but be careful and don’t over use it when inappropriate!