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New Features in Adobe After Effects CC 2019

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Добавлено: 62 дня назад
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In this video you will get a first overview over all the new features in Adobe After Effects CC 2019:

Main features covered are:

New motion tracking with mocha. Mocha comes now as a plug in within after effects, with a new design and new features as well as speed improvements.

Depth Passes for 3D Compositions:
You can now use several effects on compositions that have 3D information for better depth compositing.
The effects are: 3D Channel Extract, Depth Matte, Depth of Field, Fog 3D

Responsive Design – Time:
With this powerful feature you can define a time in your composition where you can lock your animation or keyframes. When re-timing the composition or the motion design template, the animation speed does not change for the locked time span.

Advanced Puppet Tool: New Advanced Pins and Bend Pins:
You now have advanced control over rotation and scaling within you puppet tool bending