Vertical Education Series | Video 1 Learning to Land

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The majority of knee related injuries in volleyball happen because of the repetitive stress that is placed on the body from poor landing mechanics. Most volleyball players have not learned (or trained) how to properly accept the eccentric force when landing from a jump. When you practice “turning on the brakes” or “learning to land soft” your body over time learns how to decrease the overall impact and stress placed on your joints when landing.

You need to learn how to properly land on two legs, 1 leg, and multi-directional landings.

This needs to be taught early on in a volleyball players career.

Volleyball players also need to make sure they work on eccentric and isometric strength training to further help support their ability accept the extreme impact place on the body when landing.

This is video 1 in our 4 part Vertical Education Series. 2012 Beach Volleyball Olympian Martin Reader and I (Director of Strength and Conditioning at The Athlete Matrix) go into deep detail on the what, why, and how with vertical training.

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