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What Do Singaporeans Think About Online Learning? | Word On The Street

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With technology becoming part and parcel of all our lives, it is no surprise that online learning has been integrated into our school system. However, the question about how effective online learning actually is still remains. And that's why we took to the street to find out whether it is beneficial or is merely a distraction?

Word On The Street is the series on TSLTV where our host, Fauzi, goes around asking Singaporeans about anything and everything that's happening in Singapore!

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Host: Fauzi Aziz

Filmed & Edited By:
Min Kwok - https://instagram.com/minkgm
Vanessa Chin - https://instagram.com/vanessacsh
Ying En Chan - https://instagram.com/yingenyeahh

Business Enquires: hello@thesmartlocal.com