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Homemade firecracker guns for air rifle pellets or airsoft BB's

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<a href="http://tng.pw//227910/">Homemade firecracker guns for air rifle pellets or airsoft BB's</a>
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A Firecracker gun video - presentation and shooting of two different types of homemade firecracker guns for lead pellets or 6 mm airsoft BB's, ideally 0.3 grams or more. Read the description further down...

एक फायरक्रैकर बंदूक वीडियो - मुख्य छर्रों या 6 मिमी एयरसॉफ्ट बीबी के लिए दो अलग-अलग प्रकार के होममेड फटाकेर बंदूकें की प्रस्तुति और शूटिंग, आदर्श रूप से 0.3 ग्राम या अधिक।

一个爆竹枪视频 - 演示和射击两种不同类型的自制爆竹枪为铅球或6毫米气枪BB,理想的是0.3克或更多。

วิดีโอปืนพลุ - การนำเสนอและการยิงปืนลูกซองแบบโฮมเมด 2 แบบสำหรับตะกั่วหรือ 6 มิลลิเมตร airsoft BB ซึ่งมีความนึกคิด 0.3 กรัมขึ้นไป

Um video de arma de fogo de foguete - apresentação e filmagem de dois tipos diferentes de armas de fogueira caseiras para pellets de chumbo ou BB de Aircraft de 6 mm, idealmente 0,3 gramas ou mais.

Such guns are technically another version of the old paper cartridges which preceded brass cartridges. This video presents two different versions i.e. one that is bolt action operated, whereas the other is operated via a sliding barrel sleeve to contain the firecracker pressure to safely propel a projectile. Both versions have stainless steel "barrels" (6 mm inner tube diameter) and aluminium parts due to the significant corrosive action of the powder residue of firecrackers.

Safety must always be the key issue (safety glasses and hearing protection), and the materials used must be able to resist the relatively significant buildup of pressure of the type of firecrackers used (powder quantities).

An important issue is to ensure that gases and particles (powder residue and clay) from the firecracker explosion do not reach the shooter's face or hands to avoid potential injury: the rear side of the tube facing the shooter should ideally be plugged.

This is best achieved by a bolt action system, or placing a tightly fitted metal rod section in the rear of the "barrel" tube being used in the barrel-sleeved version, and blocking it by means of a steel rivet to prevent this rod from flying back accidentally. An additional metal safety plate fixed securely on the outer rear grip structure holding the "barrel" tube in place is strongly recommended.

Of course, safety glasses and hearing protection should be used at all times by the shooter and bystanders when using such a contraption. Firecrackers can cause nasty injuries if mishandled, so test any homemade versions carefully prior to actually holding them while shooting these.

Disclaimer - please note that you are solely responsible for any injuries or damage caused by making and using this particular design, and I will not be held legally responsible in any way as a result of the information presented herein being misused.