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Huge Rohu Fishing By Lava - Fishing Videos By Fish Watching. If you want to see fish hunting by lava, then you can watch this video. Because Mr. Lava is a famous fish hunter in Rajshahi area of Bangladesh.

Basically, he is a medical assistant job of Rajshahi Medical Colledge. But he is very passionate about fishing all time. For this cause, when a fishing festival is held, he attends there for fish catching.

Past 12th November 2018 date, a fishing event has arrived in Bugshara area of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Mr. Lava and his fishing team were joined here. He catches a huge rohu fish.

In this video, you can watch a huge rohu fishing of Mr. Lava. The video captured by Md. Golam Sorowar. Edited by Rowkat Ara. This fishing videos published by Fishing Watching.

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