Capture One 11 Webinar | The Color Editor Master Class

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See time stamps below for a an easy overview of the webinar agenda.

Capture One’s Color Editor is one of the most useful, capable and impressive tools in Capture One’s arsenal.

In this Webinar, David will once more be joined with his colleague Alexander Flemming to give you a full run down on the Color Editor's capabilities. Learn how to precisely select color ranges, perform edits and combine with layered adjustments for ultimate control.

The Color target that was used at the start of the webinar can be downloaded here - http://bit.ly/Col-Chart

[02:00] Mechanics of the Advanced Color Editor – fine-tuning your target range
[11:30] Single target range – Changing greens to yellows
[17:10] Multiple target ranges – Adjusting grass and sky
[20:10] Using the Color Editor on layers
[22:20] Drastically changing colors – pink to blue
[28:10] Adding two layers with Color Edit adjustments
[32:00] Creating a masked layer from a color selection
[36:00] Refining a mask
[42:30] The Basic part of the Color Editor
[43:30] Mechanics of the Skin Tone Tool
[46:00] Skin Tone Tool on a portrait image
[55:15] Different types of Saturation control

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