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Ground Floor 3D House Modelling in AutoCad

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<a href="http://tng.pw//202639/">Ground Floor 3D House Modelling in AutoCad</a>
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Hello Friends in this video i will teach you how create 3d house in autocad.

Project Details -
Only ground floor structure.
kitchen, hall, 2 bed, bath & w.c etc.
Plinth height - 3'0"
Slab top - 10'6"
Parapet wall height - 4'0"
Porch height - 8'6" ( at bottom ) from plinth top
Porch thickness - 1'6" in brick work
Porch Column size - 12" Diameter
Compound wall height - 5'6"
Staircase headroom top - 10'6" from slab top
Wall thickness - Outer - 9"
Inner - 6"

File Download Link - https://goo.gl/brCX7G
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