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Learning Karate Online for Physical & Mental well-being: Basic Karate Katas (Part 1)

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<a href="http://tng.pw//200725/">Learning Karate Online for Physical & Mental well-being: Basic Karate Katas (Part 1)</a>
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Karate Osho International (KOI)
Founder President Shri Bharat L Andewar.
Karate Osho International is a registered institute teaching International Katas in KOI style since 1996

Grand Master Shri Bharat Andewar believes that, there is no age restrictions to learn Katas and anybody of any age group can learn katas.

There are many advantages to learn and practice Katas, some are given below.
1. It improves physical and mental health;
2. It builds self-esteem and strengthen and self-confidence;
3. It improves academic performance by raising level of energy, focus and concentration;
4. It helps in learning self-defense techniques etc.;
5. It helps for overall personality development;
6. It includes cardiovascular exercises;
7. It improves blood circulation;
8. It also improves flexibility;
9. Practising Katas help for toning muscles;
10. It increases oxygen levels and spO2.
11. It reduces stress levels and prevents insomnia.


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