Cuban Salsa For Beginners Master the Basics (dance lessons)

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Cuban Salsa for Beginnners Master the Basics Discover the fun and exhilarating world of the Cuban Salsa, with detailed instruction and easy-to-follow demonstrations helping you master the basics. In a series of simple lessons you will learn the eight basic steps and the 27 essential figures you need. We start by exploring the basic principles of Cuban Salsa, helping you to establish your technique. Then we look in detail at the steps of the male and female partner, showing what the couple have to do for each figure, while underlining the most important aspects. As your beginner s introduction to Cuban Salsa continues, each lesson conveys a sequence, which becomes longer and longer, and increasingly difficulty. At the end of every lesson there is music to help you put the theory into practice and master the basics of Cuban Salsa. Cuban Salsa for Beginners lets you learn at your own pace and practice regularly without attending expensive dance classes. This programme was conceived by Happy Dance, a long-established dance school recognised and appreciated for its educational instruction. Discover: Basic Step * Simple side step * Opening step * Cucaracha * Crossed side steps * Mambo step * Cuban step * Half turn