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Lyle Beniga Presents Field Of Vision | An Online Dance Intensive, Only On STEEZY.CO

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<a href="http://tng.pw//185795/">Lyle Beniga Presents Field Of Vision | An Online Dance Intensive, Only On STEEZY.CO</a>
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Always wanted to train under Lyle Beniga? Well here's your chance!

Field of Vision is an online dance intensive created by Lyle Beniga in partnership with STEEZY Studio.

Sign up for the program here: http://bit.ly/2Bc7c2A

Over the next 3 weeks, you'll go through a set of classes specifically designed to help you become a better dancer.

Each of the 3 choreography pieces comes with supplementary classes so you can actually train your body to understand Lyle's choreography before learning the piece.

Lyle also teaches a workout class that targets the body parts that you need to condition, and gives a lecture explaining the different influences of his style.

Don't miss out. Click here → http://bit.ly/2Bc7c2A


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