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BETAFPV 1S 260mAh 30C/60C LiHV Battery Testing - RCTESTBEN.CH

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BETAFPV 1S 260mAh 30/60C LiHV (PH2.0)
(number of samples: 5 )

*? Let me know which LiPo or LiHV batteries you would like to see tested! ?*

This is RCTESTBEN.CH: BETAFPV 1S 260mAh 30C/60C LiHV Battery Testing - Let's go!

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For pricing and availability you can check here:
https://goo.gl/7TzyuR (BetaFPV)
https://goo.gl/VxmyBi (Amazon)

Manufacturer’s site: https://goo.gl/tJfsqB


All charging, at the beginning and in between discharge tests, is done with a SkyRC D100 charger.
You can find it here: https://goo.gl/CQ4JBQ
or here: https://goo.gl/73HNYT
or here: https://goo.gl/91mAkw

All charging data is captured via the Charge Master software. Only the initial charge data (from storage to full) is shown in the video, for reference - the rest are used in order to reconfirm mAh drawn vs mAh charged etc.

Internal Resistance measurements are also taken with the D100, at storage voltage and at full charge, with no load. IR measurements are to be taken with a grain of salt, since they can vary due to temperature change, exact voltage, battery leads length (especially balance leads) etc.


All discharging tests, both for the capacity test and for the discharge stress tests, are performed with a CBA IV (Computerized Battery Analyzer) from West Mountain Radio: https://goo.gl/d4FhTQ
You can find more details here: https://goo.gl/e9G7nE

It is a unique piece of equipment that can accurately test and, through its user friendly software, log all the valuable data required to properly evaluate and compare the quality and capabilities of a battery.

The capacity test discharges the battery at 1C rate, down to a cutoff voltage of 3.2V. It graphs the whole process and marks the point at which the 80% capacity has been discharged. It also outputs an average IR rating for the entire test, which will be useful when comparing batteries of similar spec. Temperature is monitored just as a safety precaution during this test.

The high discharge test is where things get interesting:

Most batteries can be considered more than good for cruising around, but the best performers can only shine when stressed. The goal is to stress test the batteries and identify which ones "pack more punch" and for how long.
The discharge rate is based on an average in-flight amp draw at 90+% throttle of a quadcopter, using a motor/prop type and size that corresponds to the type and size of the tested battery. The batteries are categorized and tested accordingly, so that a meaningful comparison can be easily done, as a real-world use-case.

The CBA IV can be triggered and controlled via scripts, for more automated tasks. In my case, each discharge test is triggered by a custom made program called "MuteFPV Discharge Helper" (check below for more info).
The CBA IV begins to draw current until it reaches the pre-set amp draw test current. The refresh rate of the CBA IV is 1 second so exact times of each run, from trigger to end, are logged by the Discharge Helper.
The tested battery is discharged until it reaches a cutoff voltage of 3.3V. It is then allowed to recover for 5 seconds, before the next run is initiated. The repeatability of the test and its intervals is handled by the Discharge Helper.
When the battery fails in two consecutive runs to deliver the test current, the test is considered finished and automatically stops.
Temperature is not to be neglected during this test. It is constantly monitored and logged during the whole testing procedure, via the temperature probe of the CBA IV.

Huge thanks to Joey and Darren from West Mountain Radio for their continuous support throughout the preparation of this video series. Their help has been absolutely invaluable.

Extra-special thanks to John Norrbin (aka Johnex) for creating and customizing the "MuteFPV Discharge Helper" program, specifically for the needs of these tests. You can get in touch with him on Discord, here: https://goo.gl/LEqcTW

** The batteries tested have not been cherry picked, at least to my knowledge. They are brand new and unused batteries, tested right out of the box. Nevertheless, your results may vary. **

** Never leave your batteries unattended while charging / discharging. All these tests have been conducted under my supervision and full attention. All the data is monitored in real-time, to ensure the safety and quality of the test procedure. **

This video features the song "Hip Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over You)" by Chris Morrow 4
Song link: https://soundcloud.com/chris-morrow-3/hip-hop-rap-instrumental-2
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