Disney's Tangled Rapunzel Make-up Tutorial( Ft. Flynn and Pascal)

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<a href="http://tng.pw//177317/">Disney's Tangled Rapunzel Make-up Tutorial( Ft. Flynn and Pascal)</a>
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So Glad Disney finally decided to make a Movie for Rapunzel because It has always been one of my Favorite Fairytales.
I've been wanting to do Rapunzel's Look since the movie came out but never really got a chance to because I couldn't find the right costume and the right Wig. So Thank you everyone on my Facebook/Twitter for giving me input on the Wig for this Look. It really worked out well !!!

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Keek : TamangPhan

The Amazing Tangled Costume made by http://www.theironring.com/

Products Used :
Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation
Make-up Forever Concealor
Loreal True Match powder Foundation
Laval Twist Brown Eyebrow Pencil
CS Shimmer Palette ' Rosy Nude' 'white'
CS Matte Palette 'Brown' 'Black' Eyeshadow
lancome 'Blanc' White Eyeliner
Upper Lashes : http://www.eyecandys.com/twin-pack-lashes/
Lower Lashes : http://prettyandcute.com/False-Eyelashes/Korean-c346/
The Balm ' Frat Boy' Blush
Nyx Nude Lipliner
CS Lipgloss 'Strut on Nude'

Wig : Ebay

'Medieval Shopping ' Music By : Teknoaxe

'Five Card Shuffle' Music By : Kevin Macleod

Valentines Day Look coming next
& Thanks for Watching