VOCAL HARMONY - Explanations and examples! - Cool Music Thing #11

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This video explains and shows you what is meant by "sing a third, sing a fifth", and explains diatonic intervals. I've started to learn a bit more about harmony, and as a beginner, I'd have LOVED to find a video like this walking through some of the basics. Hopefully then someone out there finds this super useful! ;)

We stick with one melody and track which is in the key of D minor, and demonstrate major 3rd, 5th intervals, then diatonic third, diatonic fifth, octaves - then picking out the various components of the accompanying chords. Join me on this little journey where we circle in on what sounds good for vocal harmony (and what doesn't!).

In this one we use Melodyne, a pitch-changing plugin, to try out the different examples. It's super obvious when it's used of course, and the vocal tone sounds plain WEIRD since we're shifting pitches around so much. But it's a super handy tool for playing with harmony with an analytical approach.

Hope you like it - any questions, comments, corrections, please leave a comment! Thanks! BT x


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Intro / end screen by Anna Voß - https://www.instagram.com/annavoss.eu

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