Color Theory Basics

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A crash course on color theory where I talk about color mixing, nerdy vocabulary terms and color schemes!
Show Notes: http://www.simplearttips.com/simple-art-tips-blog/20

Design Principles and Problems second edition by Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher http://tinyurl.com/ptwat4t

Tigercolor.com http://tinyurl.com/phyundh

NOTE: This is the conventional way of teaching color theory, which is used in most art schools. Although it works, technically it is incorrect, as it was pointed out in the comments. For a more scientifically accurate and in-depth look at color theory, I recommend you watch Scott Naismith's video Colour Theory: The Truth About The Colour Wheel https://youtu.be/jQqxN8LpGzw

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Добавлено: 1137 дней назад