TGO l 2017 Bowhunting Season Gear Rundown

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<a href="http://tng.pw//153038/">TGO l 2017 Bowhunting Season Gear Rundown</a>

Saturday Morning Cartoon Awesomeness is back and in this week’s Tex Grebner Outdoors, I give you folks the rundown on the gear I will be taking into the woods for the 2017 Whitetail Season in the hopes of breaking my Whitetail Curse. Full of reflections, advice, and small rants, this week’s Tex Grebner Outdoors is in full pre-season mode and ready for the hunt.

For convenience, here is my Gear List...

First Lite Camo clothing
Easton FMJ Arrows
Ashby Broadheads
75 lb Martin Hunter Recurve Bow
BowMate Quiver
Nocturnal Nocks
Kifaru Tactical Pack
Garmin Virb Action Cameras
Sitka Muff
Zippo Hand Heaters
Nikon Range Finder
Camera Arms and Assorted Filming Equipment...
...and a Shit Ton of Luck
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