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Step-By-Step Tutorial to Sculpting Pipe Nails from Gel - Official Crystal Nails Technique

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<a href="http://tng.pw//141123/">Step-By-Step Tutorial to Sculpting Pipe Nails from Gel - Official Crystal Nails Technique</a>
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In this step-by-step video tutorial brought to you by Crystal Nails Tv, we guide you through the official Crystal Nails Technique of sculpting pipe nails from gel.

Products used:

Acid Free Primer: http://bit.ly/AcidFreeP
Base Gel: http://bit.ly/CNBaseGel
Xtreme Butterfly Forms: http://bit.ly/XtremeForms
Xtreme Clear Builder Gel: http://bit.ly/xtremebuilder
C-Curve Bending Tweezers: http://bit.ly/CTweezers
C-Curve Holder: http://bit.ly/Ccurveholder
Cover Pink Gel: http://bit.ly/CoverPink
Builder Pink Gel I: http://bit.ly/builderpink1
Cleanser: http://bit.ly/CrystalCleanser
Xtreme Half-Moon Zebra #100/180 Nail File: http://bit.ly/zebra100
Thin Wooden File: http://bit.ly/WoodenFile
Half-Moon Zebra File #150/150: http://bit.ly/Zebraf150
Xtreme White Builder Gel: http://bit.ly/xwhitegel
Gel Brush #4: http://bit.ly/gelbrush4
Top Seal Light Gel: http://bit.ly/TopLight

Crystal Nails Non-Yellowing Liquid (Blue): http://bit.ly/cnliquid
Primer Stick: http://bit.ly/PrimerStick
Xtreme Butterfly Forms: http://bit.ly/XtremeButterfly
Ultra White Slower Acrylic Powder: http://bit.ly/UltraWhite
Acrylic Jewel Brush Kolinsky #6: http://bit.ly/jewelbrush6
Acrylic Jewel Brush Kolinsky #8: http://bit.ly/jewelbrush8
Transparent Pink Slower Acrylic Powder: http://bit.ly/TransparentPink
Xtreme Half-Moon Zebra #150/150 Nail File: http://bit.ly/Zebra150
Straight File II #150/180 Pink Core: http://bit.ly/PinkFile
White Sanding Block #180: http://bit.ly/SandingBlock
Magic Shine Polisher: http://bit.ly/MagicShine
Dust Brush With Handle: http://bit.ly/CrystalDustB
Cuticle Oil: http://bit.ly/CuticleOil1

Crystal Nails TV brings you the most professional and informative step-by-step tutorials for sculpting trendy gel nail and acrylic nail shapes, creating seasonal nail art designs for special occasions like Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s day, and creating unique patterns and designs using the innovative Crystal Nails powders, gels, polishes, accessories, and equipment.

The nail technicians guiding you through the various creative processes are part of Team Crystal Nails and include international champions and Nailympia Gold Medalists, ensuring that your nails are in good hands.

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Watch more step-by-step nail tutorial videos and official Crystal Nails application technique videos on our dedicated video website, Nails.tv: http://bit.ly/nailsdottv

For more information on our philosophy, events, and the latest nail news, visit CrystalNails.com: http://bit.ly/crystalnails

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Follow Crystal Nails USA on Facebook: http://bit.ly/cnusafb
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