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<a href="http://tng.pw//138461/">LOOSE BOX BRAIDS WITH FEATHER TIPS</a>

The most comprehensive detailed Step-by-step guide to professional Loose Box Braids Know how to braid multi-racial hair types Learn how to insert hair extensions into this hairstyle Create neatly designed sections for Box Braids/single plaits Create the perfect finish for Box braids. In this Comprehensive Advanced step by step tutorial, let Joy Phido give you top tips and hints to achieving a professional finish to your Loose Box Braids style. Get background information on how to work with multi-racial hair types Get professional initial assessment on clients and know how to deal with Health & Safety issues. Know how to section hair for a neat, firm and smooth finish Gain confidence to work with clients, friends and family Boost your profits when you gain a series of skill to please and impress your clients Gain top styling tips, hints & professional advice etc. This DVD will shortcut your learning process to save you hours of confusion and frustration. As this is an Advanced skill in Braiding, to get the best results from this tutorial, download the Introduction to Braiding DVD and Preparing, Pulling and Treating Kanekalon Natural Feathered Tips for Braiding tutorial in order to perfect your Loose Box Braids Please allow 5-10 minutes for download to complete.

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