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Maya bodybuilder CHARACTER MODELING tutorial

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Download the image planes used here: http://wp.me/P3V1aP-pz
Too fast? Download the extended cut video: http://wp.me/P3V1aP-Bl
This Maya tutorial covers the body modeling process from start to finish. I show the steps I take to build the body from simple primitives, and the specific settings and tools I use to make sure everything fits together seamlessly!

The end result is a well topologized model that will be perfect for animation or sculpting. And I focus on anatomy as well, showing how to match my character to photo reference using image planes.

This tutorial should be good for beginners to Maya looking to learn how to actually create something cool, once you are familiar with the basic tools and interface.

I'm James Taylor - I've worked on million-selling video games like Mortal Kombat and NBA Ballers; I've been a web designer, a cel animator, a visual effects artist, and everything in between. Currently I am a professor working in the Chicago area. This video shows the workflow I use to create all my professional character models!

Keep up with me on FB : www.facebook.com/methodjtv/

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