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12 Useful Shortcuts for Paint Tools Sai Tutorial

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So this is more of a serious tutorial helping our any of you that want to draw comics like me :) Sorry for the poor quality :(

Here they all are in a list:
1) Double clicking on a tool will let you rename it and create a shortcut key for it.

2) Pressing 'Tab' increases your drawing space

3) Pressing the '[' and ']' key changes your brush size

4) Right clicking will activate the eyedropper tool and it will give you the color exactly as it is.

5) Holding the spacebar activates the hand tool.

6) Holding spacebar and alt activated the rotate tool

7) Pressing ctrl+T puts what you have selected into transform. Enter finalizes

8) Holding 'shift' while scaling something keeps it proportional.

9) When something is in the transform box, hold down 'ctrl' to get the free deform tool.

10) Holding shift and clicking the line anywhere creates a line from the last place you drew with 100% min size.

11) Holding 'ctrl' and moving the arrow keys moves it in the direction you want it to go. Pressing 'Shift' and 'Ctrl' moves it faster.

12) Pressing ctrl+H gets rid of those dotted lines to show you have something selected.

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