Top 10 CS:GO Tips To Play Like s1mple

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S1mple is considered to be one of the most talented players to ever touch Counter-Strike by many. So today, we are going to be going over 10 things that makes S1mple, S1mple. My name is Braedon and welcome to Valve Guides. There have been many talented players over the course of Counter-Strikes existence. However it seems like there has never been a player quite like S1mple. Some call him lucky, others like to use the word talent. And right now, we are going to be going over just 10 things that S1mple does, that makes him just that good.

In this video we talk about:

Why S1mple Is Just so good at CS:GO
CS:GO Tips from pros
CS:GO Tips for 2017
Smart CS:GO Play


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Добавлено: 641 день назад